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Vince Quitugua's Lost Techniques of the Half Guard
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Vince "Bear" Quitugua's The Lost Techniques of the Half Guard: The Unlocked Half Guard: Volume 1 DVD

This DVD is a diary of my jiu-jitsu and dedication to dissect the half guard position over the past 6 years. The concept of my jiu-jitsu is to go back to the roots of BJJ and use the least amount of energy possible and to let angles and technique prevail. The techniques in the DVD require very little flexibility, strength, and quickness. Everything is based on angles and straight up technique. I believe that the half guard is one of the few guards that will work with both gi and no gi and is a key reason to learn all the concepts from this awesome position. This DVD will offer half guard methods and techniques that are original and will hopefully take your jiu-jitsu to the next level. The mission of this DVD is to add an extra element to your half guard arsenal. This DVD is intended for practitioners of all levels. I hope you enjoy the DVD. Happy Training. Play guard for life and Shoyoroll.

Praise from Grapplers and Fighters for "The Lost Techniques of the Half Guard":

"Bear's Half Guard is one of the most original I've seen. I use a lot of it in my own game." - Luke Stewart, Pan Am Champion/Ralph Gracie Black Belt Stud

"Bear's Half Guard is both brilliant and easy to learn. I was able to implement the moves I learned from him immediately. You will improve your bottom game and understanding of the half guard with this DVD!" - Darren "BC" Uyenoyama, Grapplers Quest/Pan Am Champion

"Vince has all the answers to any of your half guard questions. The technique is amazing and people need to see it. It's at black belt level!" - Mauricio "Tinguinha" Mariano

A Fightlife Production.

Region: All
Format: NTSC DVD
Language: English
Running Time: Approx. 1 hr. 10 mins.
Release Date: 2008