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Since 1999, Fightlife has been a trusted name in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu business offering only the highest quality products on the market. Fightlife is the producer of a large selection of instructional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu DVDs in collaboration with some of the best practitioners and teachers in the sport. Our DVD titles encompass all aspects of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, from the spider guard and the sitting up guard to escapes and submissions, covering both gi and no gi techniques. In addition to offering our titles in DVD format, for the first time, Fightlife has now made it possible to download all of our DVDs directly from our web site.

We are proud of our collaborations with some of the best fighters and instructors in the world. We have produced several DVDs with Mauricio "Tinguinha" Mariano, the 3rd degree BJJ black belt known for his dynamic spider guard skills. Gustavo Machado has two DVD titles with us, covering escapes and counters as well as the half and quarter guard as only he can. Pan American champ, BJJ black belt Paulo Guillobel's DVD covers advanced no gi guard techniques and variations using the gi. Abu Dhabi and Pan American champion, Alexandre "Soca" shows you how to effectively improve your no gi techniques. World class fighter Roberto "Spider" Traven has an impressive resume and shows us how it's done in his DVD titled, Submissions & Sweeps. In his highly regarded first instructional DVD, Vince "Bear"Quitugua provides effective ways to improve your half guard.

Adding to our arsenal of highly effective instructional DVDs, we recently launched an exciting new project in collaboration with Mauricio "Tinguinha" Mariano. TBJJ.tv is a revolutionary online training system created by Fightlife and Tinguinha. The TBJJ headquarters and main school are operated in Southern California and Tinguinha continues to develop and nurture international affiliate schools. His school is visited throughout the year by BJJ practitioners from all over the world. Tinguinha has been teaching seminars around the globe and now, for the first time, he is bringing his amazing teaching skills online so everyone can learn any technique, from anywhere, at any time, at their own pace. This training system is perfect for all skill levels, from those just starting out in BJJ to advanced practitioners of the sport. Be sure to check out this revolutionary new system today! TBJJ.tv: Let the Revolution Begin!